Exploring Middle Earth 2017

A month of travel in New Zealand.

I was given an opportunity to explore New Zealand for a month, thanks to my beautiful wife Lisa.  So on Valentine's Day 2017 I hopped a flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, then on to Sydney where I had a nine hour layover. While in Sydney I took the opportunity to travel by train to the harbor and explore the Opera House and the Royal Botanical Gardens. That afternoon I flew to Auckland where I arrived just after midnight on the 16th, two days after I had left Philadelphia.

     The rain started soon after I picked up my rental car at 1:30 am and it didn't stop for a couple of days. During those three days I was working the tattoo convention in Tauranga (#1 on the map below) so I was able to stay out of the downpour. Immediately after the convention is when my exploration, and my excitement, really began.

     The maps below show the path that I followed in my explorations. I had the rental car for 7 days and I spent most of that week driving around the Coromandel Peninsula (#2), over to Raglan (#3), down to the glowworm caves in Waitomo and back up to Auckland (#4).


Map Legend